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What we are and what we're not.

No. Nor anything to that matter. ManyLoop is a community of verified legitimate websites from real-life users that anyone can join and help us boost discoverability on the internet with more diverse and fair search results together.

The core objective of ManyLoop is to provide topical / contextual backlinks from legitimate websites.

This means that, by default, we filter out any thin content or page that doesn’t have a defined context. Your search and opportunity results are also free from poor Text to Link ratio pages. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will find farmed pages in your search results.

Nevertheless, pages and websites can be reported and will be reviewed by either an algorithm or a human. Any website that hurts the community guidelines and reaches a minimum Compliance Score will be purged from the community.

With that, if you linked to a purged domain, you will be advised to remove the links you once created to that domain without any prejudice to your backlink credit. If your website received backlinks from a low quality or purged domain, you will have your backlink credit topped up to acquire new backlinks.

As long as it takes for you to click a button! ;-)

Like you, the creator of ManyLoop suffered the pain of spending so much time researching backlink opportunities, pitching website owners just to arrive at dead-ends or very low response rates.

ManyLoop was created to “Speed up the link building process”. That’s why you have access to the Opportunities tool, on which our AI lists backlink opportunities contextually relevant to your pages.

You are provided with a “Pitch for me” button that is added to your search and opportunity results. You don’t need to justify or write a single line of text to convince anyone to provide you a backlink.

Medium to high.

ManyLoop was designed to improve response rates by an infinite fold: After you click the “Pitch for me” button, the user on the other side has 48h to respond to a request.

Missing the timeline too many times will be reflected negatively on their Compliance Score, which in turn will be reflected in less people requesting or providing backlinks to that domain. Providing backlinks is the key to earn free backlink credits.

You will have quick responses that will equate to the relevance of your content.

If the user who linked to your site wants to keep a high Compliance Score, backlinks will stay in place forever.

The creator of ManyLoop also suffered from spending hours building links or paying for backlinks just to have them lost in two to three months.

To combat this problem the Compliance Score was created. ManyLoop's crawlers will monitor the status of every link built on the platform.

When a domain removes a link, they will have 7 days to either reinstate the link or replace it with another contextually-relevant link. If they miss the dead-line, their Compliance Score will be negatively affected. This, in turn, will reflect in less people requesting or providing backlinks to that domain. Any domain that hurts the community guidelines and reaches a minimum compliance score will be purged from the community. With that, the website owners that linked to the purged domain will be advised to remove the links they once created to that domain.

Rest assured that you are part of a community that strives for quality and topically-relevant backlinks.

Install the ManyLoop Pixel on your website.

By adding the ManyLoop Pixel to your website, you will be able to track traffic, conversions, and revenue generated by your acquired backlinks.

In time, our AI will learn what types of backlinks are the most impactful to your website and will automatically suggest them to you. You are also provided with traffic estimates of prospective pages, when available.

This will help you achieve your link building goals, prove ROI to your team, and better plan your content strategy.

ManyLoop was created to “Boost discoverability on the internet with more diverse and fair search results”.

There are over 200 Million active websites on the internet and 252,000 new websites are created daily.

Challenging industries in link building are so just because website owners haven’t heard of each other’s websites (yet).

Share ManyLoop loud and far! The more websites enter the platform, the more backlink opportunities you have available.

It will depend on the competition you have.

Link building surely has a compounding effect. However, depending on the authority difficulty of your focus keyword, results can show up as quickly as search engines discover your new backlinks.

To speed up the discovery of your newly created backlink, our community (and You) is encouraged to request re-indexing after a link is published.

No, but you can change your search settings. Nevertheless, you will never have page-to-page reciprocity.

Reciprocal links are automatically filtered out by default both from our search and opportunities tools. However, you can modify the filter settings according to your goals and website profile.

Some websites are large or comprehensive enough to allow website-to-website reciprocal links without any prejudice to their backlink profile.

Although the holy grail of link building is to have as many linking domains as possible, more topical backlinks never hurt anyone! ;-)

If you change your reciprocity settings, you will be provided with a label on each search result and opportunity that lets you know if that domain already links to your website.

No. Any short / thin content pages are automatically filtered out by default from both your Search and Opportunities tools.

When presented backlink opportunities, you are shown the content length of the prospective page. This helps you decide which opportunities are worth pitching.

ManyLoop was designed to “Boost discoverability on the internet with more diverse and fair search results”. This includes improving the domain and page authorities of websites with backlinks from relevant pages.

You will be the decision maker of your backlink acquisition, but our filters have your back.

Any content that is contextually-irrelevant to your focus keyword and target page are automatically filtered out by default from both your search and opportunities tools.

ManyLoop was designed to “Boost discoverability on the internet with more diverse and fair search results”.

You will be gaining only backlinks that will impact your website’s authority and present you with sure opportunities that can be pitched with the click of a button.

No. Only Do-Follow backlinks will be accepted.

No-Follow backlinks won’t be regarded on the platform and won’t earn the linking domain any backlink credit.

Remember, however, that having no-followed backlinks to your website is advisable to keep a good profile diversity.

If the domain linking to your website adds a No-Follow tag (or any other type), that domain will have their Compliance Score negatively affected and their Backlink Credit subtracted.

Our crawlers will monitor and ensure that backlinks stay Do-Follow.