Anchor Text in Link Building

What is and how to create an anchor text

The anchor text is the visible and clickable part of a text link. It usually is the underlined text we click that takes visitors to another page or website.

The anchor text is the information that gives context to a link and entices the visitor to click on it.

For a piece of text to become a link, one or more characters need to be surrounded by the HTML Anchor Tag, delimited by <a> and </a>

In the example below, “contextual link building” is the anchor text:

<a href=””>contextual link building</a>

When using an image to create a link, the anchor text doesn’t exist. However, that contextualization can be achieved by adding the ALT attribute to the image, as that attribute is readable by search engine crawlers, giving context to the image and, inherently to the link.

An example of an Image Link using the ALT attribute as the Anchor Text is shown below:

<a href=””><img src="image-file.jpg" alt="contextual link building"></a>

In link building, anchor text is crucial to add context to Backlinks and Internal Links, helping search engines figure out what your website and specific pages talk about and how relevant they are.